As a home seller, listing your property during the holidays affords you more advantages than you would see at any other time of year.

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Thinking of selling your home this holiday season? Don’t hesitate. There are five big advantages to home sellers when it comes to listing your home during the holidays:


  1. Buyers who are looking to buy a property during the holidays are far more serious about making a purchase. They won’t waste a minute of your time, and they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger if they like your home.
  2. Buyers have more time to search for homes. All the time off they get from work will give them more hours in the day to peruse the market.
  3. The number of listing increases dramatically after the holidays. This means if you follow suit, your house might be swallowed up by the competition.
  4. Houses always show better during the holidays. All houses look better when they’re decorated for the holidays.
  5. The season makes buyers more emotional. A more emotional buyer is a quicker buyer.

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